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Review – Feed by Mira Grant

Feed by Mira Grant poses the question: what would our world be like, twenty or thirty years after a zombie virus had swept the world.  In the world she envisions, people hide within their compounds and use the internet to stay connected to the rest of the world.  Hmm, not so different to now!

The cautious, ambitious heroine, Georgia, is a journalist who is selected to cover the campaign of a presidential hopeful.  But someone does not want the campaign to succeed…

While the plot was interesting, it was the relationship between Georgia and her reckless brother, Shaun, that captivated me.  Adopted young by ambitious, media hungry parents, they have a you and me against the world relationship which is the heart of the story.  The concern and love they have for each other replaces the usual romantic storyline, and does so very effectively.

I also enjoyed the emphasis on the role blogs and the internet play in people’s lives.  It didn’t feel like much of a stretch to imagine a world that is totally dependent on the information they get from the internet.  Lives are already becoming insular; people are already forming large social internet groups with people they have never met.  I could totally imagine a world such as the one Grant has created.

Grant takes your standard zombie-overrun world and creates an intelligent, thoughtful story.

Overall, an enjoyable read.  Not your typical blood and guts zombie novel, however, so it might prove disappointing to those expecting that kind of novel.  Verdict: 7.5 out of 10.