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Review of Dead Tropics by Persephone’s Winged Reviews

Another lovely review!

“BEST ZOMBIE BOOK that I have read so far. It is fantastic and it kept me intrigued the entire length of the novel. In terms of zombie books with a high level of action, it is going to hard for other zombie books to surpass this book…”


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review of dead tropics by persephone

Review – Never Let Me Go


A beautifully haunting novel, Never Let Me Go is set in a slightly different version of England in the 1990s, a version in which the world’s health system is based on the use of donors.  Kathy, the heroine, reminisces about her life growing up in the privately run home for donors, Hailsham, and the bonds she formed with the other donors.

The theme of donors seems to be an increasingly popular one at the moment but this one struck a particular chord with me.  I finished it with a strong sense of how fragile our hold on life and our precious relationships is.  We take so much for granted, including our right to our bodies and the right to decide the course of our lives.  The donors, on the other hand, know the purpose of their lives is to serve others through organ donations.  Their path of their lives are preordained.

At the heart of this book is Kathy’s relationships with her fellow donors, Ruth and Tommy. As they mature, their relationships become complicated, fraught with love and tension, so much said and unsaid.  It is this undercurrent of things unsaid throughout the book that gives it its poignancy, I think, as Kathy tries to make sense of the past.

Although my heart ached for the characters, I closed the book with a sense of satisfaction, albeit melancholic satisfaction.  Recommended reading for readers who enjoy the slow development of characters and relationships.  If your preference is for action, action, action, you had best steer clear.  Rating: 8 out of 10