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Dead Tropics has reached No. 1 in Horror and Adventure!

Several free kindle websites picked up on the Dead Tropics free weekend offer. It rose up the Amazon sales ranks quickly, hitting number 1 position in Horror, Adventure and Free Fiction overall! Thanks to all who showed an interest.

Weekend Only: Dead Tropics is free!

My publisher, Permuted Press, is offering the Dead Tropics ebook free on Amazon this weekend. Nook users can send an email to to get their free copy.

“Dead Tropics is a 240 pages condensate of pure hell juice!” – Bricks of the Dead

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I finally caved to my nieces’ urgings and checked out tumblr.  Like Pinterest, it seems a very effective way to lose time!  I think I’m only going to be on there for ten minutes and an hour later…!

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Why Reading is so Freakin’ Awesome!

importance of reading

That’s what she said…

caption competition for Dead Tropics

"Zombies? No, I just told her I'm confiscating her phone for a week."

Competition – Best caption wins copy of Dead Tropics ebook!

Competition ends 30th June 2012

Review at Good Choice Reading

Check out the review at Good Choice Reading!

“Does anything get better than a mother trying to save her children from killer zombies in a tropical rainforest? I mean, it’s like the perfect equation for gore and suspense!

Dead Tropics actually surprised me with how fast the story jumped into the action. But even though it moved quickly, I still had enough time to actually care about all of the characters – which is pretty rare.”

Night Owl Interview

Check out my interview at Night Owl books

“Kids, check. Snack, check. Bornean headhunter’s hatchet, check.”

Check out this great review of Dead Tropics at A Will To Act

Author Sue Edge recently shared a copy of her novel Dead Tropics with me, which, to my immense pleasure, proved to be a rather fantastic contribution to zombie literature. Delivered in a wonderfully natural voice, the story explores the trials and challenges of a determined mother in the midst of an undead outbreak…

Signed with Permuted Press

I am thrilled to have recently signed a contract for two books with Permuted Press.  When it comes to zombies and apocalyptic novels, I don’t think there is a better publisher!  Unfortunately, it means I will have to take Dead Tropics off sale for the moment.  Keep an eye out for its release under Permuted Press!