Book Review: Battle Royale

I thoroughly enjoyed Battle Royale. Initially, I found the writing style a little odd but once I got used to it, I found myself lost in a world similar to the Hunger Games. In a Asia that has cut itself off from the rest of the world, a class of fifteen year olds are abducted each year and forced to fight each other to the death on an island. Like the Hunger Games, only one can survive.

Shuya, the hero, is a sympathetic protagonist with a secret obsession for banned western music. Strong and athletic, he puts himself at risk to protect a girl who is wounded and joins up with a mysterious loner who seems to know an awful lot about the game…

I loved The Hunger Games and I think I am prepared to put Battle Royale right up there. It is a more visceral experience than The Hunger Games, describing how each one of the students meet their deaths, but in many ways just as satisfying when the hero outsmarts the Game creators.

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