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I am often asked why I picked a zombie apocalypse as the background for my novel, Dead Tropics.  I can understand their confusion: I hate gore and I tend to write humorous stories, so zombies do seem an odd fit for me.

I have always loved zombies because a zombie apocalypse allows ordinary people to become heroes, to discover strengths they never dreamed they had, to evolve into leaders of men.  What has always annoyed me, though, was that the heroes in the books were always men , bristling with weaponry.  Where were the mothers?  Where were the families?  What about the people who weren’t fortunate enough to have a cupboard full of guns and flamethrowers?

It seemed to me that if anyone was likely to survive a azombie apocalypse, it would be the mothers of the world!  Sure, men have more practice being aggressive but mothers have the protective instincts of a tigress when it comes to their kids.  They would let nothing harm their kids, not even zombies.

Indeed, the idea for this novel first occurred to me after my own ‘tigress’  moment.  I was waiting outside the movies with my small children when a drug addict started harassing my little boy.  Instantly, I morphed from a amiable woman who had never said ‘boo’ to anyone in her life to a a Ellen Ripley ‘get away from her, you bitch’ type of woman.  The drug addict backed away so fast, he nearly tripped over his own feet.  My kids stared at me with open mouths.  They had never seen me act like that and I was the topic of conversation at home for the rest of the week.  It got me thinking, because I did not have a clue that I had it in me to react like that.

protective mother


The heroine of Dead Tropics, Lori Nelson, is also an ordinary mum living in a small tropical town in Australia.   She works, she loves her kids, she struggles to manage her busy schedule.  Pretty typical mum stuff.  But when a virus devastates her sleepy town, creating chaos and death on every corner, she discovers what she is truly capable of.


Lori battles zombies in hand to hand combat, scales buildings, rescues her children, plans an escape and still has time to find love!  She evolves from stressed out mum into a kickass, gutsy heroine we can all identify with and cheer for.  In the course of a couple of frantic, fast-paced days, Lori learns how to fight, she discovers how to lead others, how to make quick – and sometimes, painfully hard – decisions, how to conquer fear and, yes, how to appreciate the love of a good man when she finds it.

Hopefully, my readers will be able to enjoy the ride as Lori takes them on one breathless adventure after another in the battle to save her family.  Enjoy!

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